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Will all dog owners/walkers please use the dog waste bins in the village.   

One is located in the Leasowes and one at the bottom of Butt Lane just below Manor Crest



Numerous complaints have been brought before Ford Parish Council relating to dog fouling in the village.

Everyone knows that it is an offence not to clear up the mess left behind by your dog. On top of that it is dangerous, particularly to children. However; there are still too many people ignoring previous requests to comply with the law.

The Police and the dog warden are aware of the situation and do what they can but if you see someone not abiding by this rule you should report it.


SHROPSHIRE COUNCIL - Notice of Environmental Crime

Local councils are a statutory partner with the police to address crime and disorder. In addition to the anti-social behaviour related legalisation giving council employees support to be able to deal with public dropping litter, fly tipping, graffiti, fly posting, dog fouling and other problems that impact on the physical environment. These kinds of problems degrade public spaces and are the subject of many complaints made by the public. Environmental crimes can also make people feel afraid. In addition when these problems are allowed to take over an area, other forms of anti-social behaviour may proliferate, including abandoned vehicles and other 'nuisance' vehicles, high level of detritus, poorly placed street furniture, high levels of aggressive begging

Working together to reduce dog fouling and littering in our local communities

It is understood that with a decline in the presence of local authority figures including caretakers, milkmen and park keepers this has in some ways resulted in the spread of liberal or permissive norms and a rise in the perception that the system is weighed against people who take a stand. Locally this perception has been recognised that dog fouling and dropping litter are two of the main community concerns that cause vexation to local residents and businesses. It is for this reason Shropshire Council would like to ask Town and Parish councils in Shropshire to help to address these community issues, by working with Shropshire Council to provide strong visible leadership to local communities and working to join up services to meet local environment crime reduction needs and priorities.

Shropshire Council is preparing to develop a strong environmental enforcement vision, by investing in the skills and knowledge of front line officers, this will include offering training to Town and Parish council's for key council employees to gain the necessary skills and confidence to be more pro-active to street management and care including initiating environmental crime reports (see attached) when they witness littering or dog fouling incidents. These reports will result in perpetrators of littering and dog fouling being issued with a fixed penalty notice (FPN).  

Shropshire council's centred approach to tackling sub nuisance behaviour including littering and dog fouling has had some success, but it has been limited to the available resources and greater gains could be achieved in reducing littering and dog fouling, if officers are directly responsible for managing the local public realm are given the relevant training and instruction in basic environmental crime reduction.

All council officers who are given the capability to report people who commit an environmental offence will be given training instruction and tasks to work with a trained officer to gain experience in how to read a situation, to appraise when it is appropriate to walk on by, when its safe to intervene in addition to other skills including; conflict resolution and mediation.  

If you would like to register an interest or discuss the possibility of free training for your front line officers to have the confidence and support to work with Shropshire Council Enforcement to address dog fouling and littering please do not hesitate to contact Dave Roberts (Environmental Enforcement Manager or your local Street Scene Manager.


Dave Roberts
Environmental Enforcement Manager
Shropshire Council