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The Youth Club usually meets on each Thursday evening (except during school holidays) in the Village Hall between the hours of 18.30 and 20.00.  During each of these evening sessions various games e.g. table tennis, snooker, board games, Wii etc are set out for the members.  In addition, there is at least one organised activity, such as cooking, crafts, bingo, games competition, etc run for the members by one or more of the adult staff.

The Club also organises outside visits to places of interest, games and outdoor activities.  These usually take place on Thursday evenings instead of the sessions in the Village Hall but do occasionally include such activities as a visit to the lights at Blackpool. 

We are developing links with youth groups in other local communities in order to conduct joint activities.  One such recent session was a disco evening with the Westbury youth group.  A further joint games evening and BBQ is planned. 

Some Future activities We are planning a range of external visits such as rock climbing at the Sundorne Climbing Wall, canoeing, hill walking, quad biking, white water rafting, fishing, visit to the Preston Montford Centre, ten pin bowling and a visit to a golf driving range.  Ford Bowling Club has also offered to run one or more sessions for the Youth Club members. 

Child Protection and Health and Safety Ford Young Persons Group is affiliated to the Shropshire Youth Association.  As such, it operates a Child Protection Policy and conforms to Health and Safety guidelines as established by law and Local Government rules and regulations. 

Behaviour and Discipline Every effort is made to operate with the minimum of restrictions and a maximum of flexibility, with regard to the behaviour of the Youth Club members.  However, for the safety and enjoyment of the members, it is necessary to establish a code of conduct for the members.  A form setting out these requirements is signed by the parents of each member.